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Nature texture Intensity Purity

Our mission at HI Tide Poke & Raw Bar is to responsibly source the best ingredients from around the globe, and artfully construct the highest quality Poke Bowls possible.

Our Story

A couple pizza fanatics, a high-end fish and meat distributor, and a classically french trained chef; joined forces to create a unique Poke & Raw Bar experince.

Make your own Poke

Indulge in one of our chef designed HI Tide Signature Poke Bowls, or create your own master piece with with endless possibilities in a Build Your Own Bowl.

hi moto   $8.95 / $12.95
Seared Wagyu Beef Bowl   $8.95 / $12.95
Chile Yuzu Hamachi Bowl   $8.95 / $12.95

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Why Hi Tide ?

Because you CARE.  You want the freshest possible, endless toppings, and the highest end ingredients without high prices.

Healthy and Sustainable

We at HI Tide Poke & Raw Bar care about you and the environment.  We are Eco-Certified,  use responsibly sourced ingredients, and and all recycled packaging.  We did the hard work; you relax and enjoy.

Latest News

Savory deliciousness in every plate!

No matter which HI Tide Signature Bowl you pick, what you add on your BYOB, whether you like fries or frech chips for your Lobster Roll or Shrimp Roll; we gaurantee you will be amazed.