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About Baker Boy


Baker boy! bakers and confectioners of quality

Accomplished with a crowning experience of more than 12 years, we are committed towards the sole determination of enticing the clients by producing pleasant tasting and exquisitely designed cakes at most reasonable rates. Every single dessert and cake we solely bake are prepared fresh from our oven.

At BAKER BOY, there is no possibility for any preserved, frozen or thaw items as we always emphasize on maintaining the freshness and standardized quality of the cakes and pastries we prepare. Thus, you can blindly apt for our freshly prepared desserts as we never tend to compromise on the relishing taste and quality at any cost.

We always make use of the finest ingredients that create the most authentic flavors which never fail to tickle your palates in every bite you take! We are backed up by a diligent team of expert pastry chefs who are highly proficient in baking the high delectable cakes and treats whose exceptional taste surely allures the clients,more than they have ever anticipated of:- why settle for just an ordinary cake when you have something extraordinary!

Vision Statement

To become a well known bakery brand name nationally.Lead in quality, taste and innovation, fulfilling the needs of our customers.


Our committed and talented team provide superior quality bakery, cookies,birthday cakes and wedding cakes. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product and experience.


Our mission is to enhance our customers taste. We will do this by providing the highest quality bakery products and the best possible services to the food industry.

Kapil Kapoor

An extraordinary baker, owner and founder of Baker Boy, can be seen working at any nick of time in his favourite place-his bakery.He is involved in all parts of the day to day operations and also works on developing new recipes for the taste buds out there.

Our Special Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


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